Ripple has hit back at the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), blaming it for making more vulnerability and coming up short in its obligation to ensure the crypto network. In panning the SEC’s choice to assign its XRP token as a security, the organization guarantees the controller’s claim against it adds up to an assault on the whole crypto market in the US.

XRP Token Holders Affected

The most recent remarks by the Ripple group follow reports of the delisting of the XRP token by Coinbase. In a short articulation delivered on December 29, the firm, which is promising another “reaction in half a month to address these problematic charges against Ripple”, begins by asserting that people in general and the media are right now just mindful of the SEC’s account.

Ripple Assails the SEC, Claims the $1.3 billion Lawsuit is an ‘Assault on the Entire Crypto Industry Here in the United States’

The Ripple group at that point pounces upon the SEC’s $1.3 billion claim against the organization contending that it has influenced “blameless XRP retail holders.” Since the declaration of the claim, the XRP token has now lost over half of its worth and the pattern is set to proceed as more trades delist the token. The Ripple proclamation clarifies:

We’ve always said that there is a dangerous lack of regulatory clarity for crypto in the U.S. — their lawsuit has already affected countless innocent XRP retail holders with no connection to Ripple. It has also needlessly muddied the waters for exchanges, market makers and traders.

We’ve generally said that there is a hazardous absence of administrative lucidity for crypto in the U.S. — their claim has just influenced innumerable honest XRP retail holders with no association with Ripple. It has additionally unnecessarily muddied the waters for trades, market producers and brokers.

Ripple Customers Outside the US

Then, the Ripple group, whose chiefs have recently taken steps to pull out of the United States, is likewise repeating the affirmation that the token is fundamentally exchanged external that nation.

“Most of our clients aren’t in the U.S. what’s more, in general XRP volume is to a great extent exchanged outside of the U.S. There are away from of the street for utilizing XRP in the UK, Japan, Switzerland, and Singapore, for instance,” peruses the Ripple explanation.

Meanwhile, the Ripple group says it is set up to shield itself in court in spite of the fact that the assertion proposes that the organization is additionally placing its trust in the approaching SEC authority. The residency of the Jay Clayton drove SEC board, which settled on the choice to document the claim against Ripple, as of late finished. Following Clayton’s takeoff, attorney Elad Roisman has been delegated the acting director.

New SEC Board Unlikely to Change Course

In any case, others like legal counselor Jake Chervinsky state the chances are still against Ripple winning notwithstanding the board changes. In a Twitter post, Chervinsky says:

It’s extremely unlikely that changes in SEC leadership will have any impact on the Ripple case. Given Comm’r Peirce’s conspicuous silence, I’d guess the vote was unanimous in favor of filing. Regardless, the case is being prosecuted by enforcement lawyers who are here to stay.

Curiously, while the SEC has just decided that bitcoin and ethereum are not protections, that has not halted bitcoin adversaries like Peter Schiff from considering the idea. In his most recent rant against bitcoin, Schiff weighs into the Ripple/XRP disaster by asking what might occur if the SEC comparably assigned bitcoin as a security.