Carolina Panthers tackle Russell Okung has consented to get half of his $13 million compensation in the form of volatile cryptourrency, a payments startup declared Tuesday.

In spite of the fact that the NFL actually pays Okung in US dollars, the checks are presently sent through direct store to Zap, a startup that changes over customary checks into bitcoin.

Okung tweeted in May 2019 that he needed to be paid with the advanced token.

“Pay me in Bitcoin,” read the straightforward tweet.

On Tuesday, Okung’s Twitter account was refreshed to state “Paid in Bitcoin.” He additionally tweeted a potential inspiration for the odd solicitation: “When we are totally paid in Bitcoin, nobody can instruct us with the worth we make.”

The 32-year-old Texas local may not be the last proficient competitor to be paid through computerized cash. Zap originator Jack Mallers, who is supposedly a companion of Okung, disclosed to CoinDesk that anonymous players on both the Yankees and Brooklyn Nets have joined the program.

Bitcoin has been on a tear of late, flooding past the $20,000 mark unexpectedly recently and as of late exchanging as high as $28,387 per coin.

The estimation of the world’s greatest cryptographic money has been supported by trusts that it will end up being an all the more generally utilized installment strategy, with standard advanced installments firms, for example, PayPal and Square permitting Bitcoin on their foundation.

The computerized coin has taken off before just to crash down to earth once more, most remarkably in 2017 when it previously approached the $20,000 mark.