Google says

Google says that the simultaneous sighting of the two planets has not been seen for almost 800 years. The company further posted that today, Jupiter and Saturn will cross within 0.1 degrees of each other.

These are the two biggest planets as in Google

According to Google, these two are the biggest planets of all that can be seen in the sky from “anywhere around the globe”. Today (21 December) also marks the longest night of the year.

The two gas giant look of the planets

But looks can be deceiving, as the two gas giants will actually remain a vast distance of approximately 450 million miles apart!” Google said

The Rare moment of the two planets

To see this unseen sighting tonight, all what has to be done is to get a spot in a park or field. After an hour of sunset, grab the binoculars if needed, and there will be a bright, easily visible star in the southwestern sky which will be Jupiter.

Tips from NASA and google

Google and NASA have provided some tips on how best to see this spectacular great conjunction tonight — specifically December 21, 2020, the night of the winter solstice.

The animated doodle of Google

In the animated doodle, the Great Conjunction is exhibited as cartoon Saturn and Jupiter meeting up for a quick high five, and the winter solstice as the literally “snow-capped” Earth watching the other two planets.