In an intriguing result of Ripple Labs’ fight with the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission, a Missouri man professing to be a Coinbase customer is suing the crypto trade for selling the XRP token.

In a grumbling documented in the Northern District Court of California, Thomas C. Sandoval, the St. Louis County-based offended party, affirms Coinbase purposely sold XRP (+2.48%) as an unregistered security and picked up commission on these deals.

The claim, which looks for class activity status, contends Coinbase abused California’s out of line rivalry laws by “[gaining] an unjustifiable upper hand over advanced resource trades that lone sold commodities.”

“Coinbase sold a token called Ripple (from this point forward alluded to by its exchanging image: XRP), the estimation of which was totally connected to the achievement or disappointment of Ripple Labs, Inc. (Wave Co.) the organization that made the token, and the administrative endeavors of Ripple Co. heads. Financial specialists in XRP, for example, Plaintiff, rested an assumption for benefit in such administrative endeavors by Ripple Co. heads and bought the token to bring in cash on their speculation,” the objection peruses.

The SEC documented suit against Ripple Labs a week ago, asserting XRP is a security Ripple has been selling for a very long time without enrolling it or looking for an exclusion, bringing $1.3 billion up all the while. Because of the SEC activity against Ripple, Coinbase said Monday it would suspend exchanging XRP as of Jan. 19.

The claim against Coinbase looks for vague compensatory harms, lawyers’ expenses and other help.

Anderson Kill accomplice Stephen Palley disclosed to CoinDesk he sees “two or three issues” with this claim. He said its charges of misrepresentation with respect to uncalled for rivalry laws rests “on ‘data and conviction,’ which is what might be compared to ‘I suspect as much yet am not generally sure’,” Palley wrote in an email.

He added that Coinbase has “a very decent record” of support itself up in legitimate issues including customers through the intervention condition in its terms of administration.

When it’s all said and done, he closed, Coinbase has more than customer claims to stress over with the SEC breathing down Ripple’s neck.

“This will be hard battled moving practice and will probably wind up in private mediation except if the court finds that a genuinely thin open arrangement special case applies,” he said about the Coinbase claim. “I’d survey the danger here to Coinbase (and different trades) as a considerable amount not as much as that from proceeding to list a resource the SEC has focused on and face substantially more perilous requirement activity hazard.”